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Architectural Design

Our primary role to our clients is as the design professional for their construction design needs.  Whether you are refitting an existing commercial space, renovating a bathroom, seeking to add to an existing residential building or taking on a brand new home construction project we are capable of answering the challenge.  


We look forward to working with you towards beautifully designed spaces which will function effeciently for you well into the future and add value to your life and your investment.

Building Envelope Investigation

One of our specialties is building envelope.  The deteriorating powers of water intrusion into built structures is truly spectacular, especially when neglected.  A buildings "envelope" encompasses all the exterior facing parts of a building, i.e. foundations, walls, windows, doors and roofs.  


Give us the opportunity and we are certain to help you determine the source of the intrustion and design a remedial repair capable of halting the deteriotation.

Building Restoration Consulation

Based in New England means the vast majority of our clients own or occupy buildings of significant age.  Such structures have intrinsic historic, cultural and emotional value.  Buildings of any age require maintenance but the historically relevent ones often need more than just that, they require restoration.  With a background in historic preservation we can assess your historic building's needs, itemize and timeline out critical repairs and specify the appropriate restoration techniques using contemporary methods and materials.


When we're done with your historic building it will carry on exuding its own legacy to the neighborhood without compromising its heritage.

Construction Project Management

Construction of any type is a costly endeavor, in both time and monetary value.  Laypersons may navigate the construction waters to varying degrees of success.  Trust an unbiased party such as ourselves to assist you towards a positive end result.  As a construction manager we can work from schematic design cost analysis thru to occupancy, helping you understand and be best equipped to answer the inevitable questions that arise along the way.


We are your advocate, capable of taking your wishes and directing the project team towards the end goal you want to accomplish in built form.

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