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Construction projects are always a melding of design concepts, client lifestyle ideals, constructability constraints and financial parameters. A designer's purpose is to blend these facets to a beautifully functional built conclusion. At Joshua R. Knapper Design Collaborative llc. teamwork is tantamount to our success. We are in the business of facilitating your design project wishes; bringing to reality your dreams for improved living space.  Our hope is to work with you and the other construction project team members to bring about your dream.

Joshua R. Knapper

Josh received his initial education in the field at Roger Williams University with a B. Arch. degree.  Following professional experience spans over 10 years of design and construction project management in all types of construction projects.  Whether the your project is a commerical tenant fitout, restaurant rebrand, bathroom renovation, home addition or new out-of-the-ground residential contruction endeavor, he is capable of each. Josh also has extensive specialized experience in building envelope investigation and water penetration preventative detailing.


"I love to design for its own sake, but to design to beautiful, functional, long-lasting result, thats the challenge I want to answer most effectively for the client." - J. Knapper

The Client

Thats you.  You are the most critical member of our team.  We're here to make your construction design dreams come to fruition.  Without those dreams we wouldn't have near as much fun with the challenge.

The Builder

General contractors and builders bring such a wealth of construction know-how and tangible foresight to any project.  


We enjoy working closely with builders to reach maximum effect for the construction project.  Inefficiencies in both design and construction facets are bound to arise.  Solutions are key; and easily attainable when design and construction team members work towards those solutions together.

The Engineer

Engineers represent a grounding agent to a projects implementation.  


Open communication with this team member is crucial at all phases of the design development and construction process.  Their challenges create the push-pull in the design development forging a stronger, more lasting and effecient final product.

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